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Philadelphia Is Developing New York Problems Without New York Money

4/19/2017 | Real Estate Blog

As Philadelphia has seen unprecedented rent growth across all types of real estate, largely driven by new construction at the highest levels of luxury, it is at risk of becoming a city of haves and have-nots, much like New York and San Francisco, only without the booming business community.  

Common Disputes in Residential and Commercial Construction

2/23/2017 | Real Estate Blog

As soon as initial plans have been drawn up — and well before construction begins — it’s important for all involved parties to pay close attention to potential “cracks” and “fault lines” in the ongoing negotiations that could lead to a significant dispute later on.  Of course, not all disputes can be predicted.  There is an basic level of uncertainty that accompanies all residential and commercial construction projects. Whatever your position relative to the construction project (contractor, developer, purchaser, etc.), […]

Financing Your Next Commercial Real Estate Venture

2/21/2017 | Real Estate Blog

Commercial real estate financing can be particularly complicated and high-stakes when compared to other forms of borrowing — in part because the loan amounts are likely to be quite significant, and in part because commercial financing loans are secured by the potentially income-earning real estate itself (or related assets).  As such, developers and other borrowers are best served by keeping apprised of the potential issues and exercising caution as they approach the commercial real estate financing process. If you’re preparing […]

Five Things That Could Impact Real Estate Developers in Philadelphia County

2/16/2017 | Real Estate Blog

If you are a real estate developer or other interested party in Philadelphia County, there are a number of unique programs and zoning regulations that are likely to have an impact on your current/future projects in the county — some positive (i.e., grants, reimbursements, etc.), others negative (i.e., forced community outreach, increased administrative overhead, etc.). The following is a non-exhaustive list of high-impact regulations in Philadelphia County affecting real estate developers.  As a developer, it’s critical that you remain apprised […]