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Roman’s Oldest Zoning Law

10/11/2022 | Articles & Alerts, General, News & Resources

Montgomery Bar Association bestowed the Judge Cheryl Austin Award on Paula Souvannaphasy at the closing ceremony for the Bar’s summer intern program.  After working as an intern Law Clerk at Kaplin Stewart, Paula needed a vacation to rejuvenate to prepare for her future. Paula went to Rome and came across something that looked like the oldest zoning law she has ever seen. It was carved into a stone in 93 BC and says:  “Lucius Sentius, son of Gaius, praetor, by […]

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Join Kaplin Stewart’s Virtual CLE: “Ten Tips for Clear and Direct Legal Writing”

5/24/2022 | Events & Seminars, News & Resources

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 8:30 am – 10:45 am In this seminar, attorneys will learn how to write with clarity in a variety of legal documents, such as client letters, memos, emails, and legal briefs.   “Ten Tips for Clear and Direct Legal Writing” Description This seminar features 10 tips to make your legal writing, regardless of the context or audience, clear and concise. Ben uses both good and not-so-good examples from inside and outside the legal world in this interactive […]


5/16/2022 | Articles & Alerts, News & Resources

COVID has been challenging for humanity on many levels, not the least of which is the significant impact on our economy.  All levels of government have been struggling to meet the new economic reality. Businesses, large and small, have struggled to say afloat and to keep employees working. Unfortunately, some businesses will be lost forever, and others will need more than just a loan or bailout.  Survival may be dependent on the willingness of local government to be flexible, nimble, […]


5/16/2022 | Articles & Alerts, News & Resources

Pennsylvania may be at the forefront of a national trend that has seen local governments remove or modify the favorable property tax treatment for nonprofits, particularly hospitals and universities.  Municipalities and school districts are always on the hunt for additional tax revenue, and successfully challenging an exemption is one way to achieve that goal.   Exemption law is rooted in the Pennsylvania Constitution, which permits the exemption of “institutions of purely public charity,” Pa. Const. Art. VIII, §2(a)(v).  However, there is […]

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