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7/20/2021 | Articles & Alerts, Land Use, Zoning & Development

I have represented hundreds of taxpayers over my thirty year career and have had to clean up some messes caused by prior counsel. I thought it might be useful to unveil my shortlist of ten recondite dangers in the assessment appeals process. Assessment appeals require specialized counsel and experts. An inexperienced professional, unschooled in the nuances of the process, can kill a good case. Many assessment appeals are litigated in trial courts where the rules, written and unwritten, differ from […]

Related Practices: Land Use, Zoning, and Development

The Infrastructure Gold Rush – Opportunities for Minority Businesses

7/30/2018 | Articles & Alerts, General, Land Use, Zoning & Development

   Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers’ “Report Card for America’s Infrastructure” depicts the condition of our nation’s infrastructure in the familiar form of a school report card. Letter grades are assigned based on the physical condition and needed investments for improvement. Sadly, for 2017, the grade is a D+. A similar report by Pennsylvania civil engineers has found that Pennsylvania faces immense challenges in maintaining and modernizing its infrastructure. Repairs are desperately needed to roads, bridges, […]

Related Practices: Land Use, Zoning, and Development