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News & Resources – The Start of Something New

5/2/2012 | Construction Blog

At Kaplin Stewart, our emphasis is on solving problems.  We pride ourselves on offering our clients sound legal advice.  Even more than that, however, we offer them practical solutions and value for their dollars.  Whether you are in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or beyond, we understand your problems because we are business people ourselves. This statement on our website is more than a motto, it is part of our culture.

One of the new value added services we are excited to share is this construction law blog –  We hope you will check it regularly for legal insight, industry observations, and much more.  We also encourage you to subscribe to it, share it with your friends, and engage in the conversation by posting comments to the various posts.

Our Constuction team at Kaplin Stewart has years of combined experience in all phases of the construction industry.  We represent companies and individuals in all parts of the construction industry.  Our client list ranges from both public and private owners to sureties to contractors and suppliers; and we can handle your issue from the contract negotiation and business planning phase all the way through litigation or other dispute resolution proceedings.

Our plan with this blog is to keep those in the industry up to date on developments in the industry as they occur.  We hope you enjoy it and find some value in the information it provides.