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Pennsylvania issues grant for energy plant construction

8/10/2011 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

Experienced real estate attorneys who need to help a construction project get underway understand the importance of working with state and local governments. With any construction or development project in Pennsylvania, many government permits are required, including site plan approvals and special use permits. For certain projects that involve the use of natural resources, environmental issues can play an important role.

At times, it can seem like the government places a great deal of red tape in the way of a project’s completion. Although this is often the case, an experienced attorney can help cut through the red tape. Furthermore, the government can be a valuable friend to developers when developers put a strong case for development forward. For example, the Pennsylvania state government recently gave its financial support to a new energy plant in Hazleton.

As a result, Beacon Power and Hazle Township will receive a $5 million grant from the state that will be used to help build a $53 million energy development. The new power plant will use flywheel energy storage technology to store energy at the plant, which will help stabilize the power grid.

In support of getting the construction project underway, Beacon Power pointed out that the facility is estimated to save electrical consumers across Pennsylvania between $3.5 million and $4.5 million in energy costs each year for 20 years. In addition to saving energy, officials believe that this project has the potential to create 57 new jobs in the area.

The $5 million construction grant came from the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, which supports construction and development project throughout the state.

Source: The Hazleton Standard Speaker, “State OKs $5M for Humboldt energy-storage plant,” Aug. 10, 2011