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Online storage can help with estate administration

12/11/2015 | Kaplin Stewart Blog

After a loved one passes away in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, the person or persons entrusted to manage the estate will step into a very important role. Estate administration can be a challenging process and involves a number of important tasks. The first step in fulfilling that role is to access the full range of planning documents so that the provisions laid out within them can be undertaken.

In many cases, finding estate planning paperwork is not a simple matter. Many people fail to talk about where these important documents are stored. In some cases, family members think that the documents are in one place, but are unaware that their loved one changed the storage location, began working with a new estate planning attorney or made other changes to the existing plan.

A solution lies in online storage. There are a number of companies that offer these services, and consumers have a wide range of choices. Some companies offer a complete document storage option, and they will even guide clients toward additional estate planning approaches. Others serve as a simple go-between to notify loved ones of where the paperwork is stored when the time comes. The differences between various services give families the ability to find a solution that works for their particular set of needs.

Online document storage can give loved ones the tools they need to begin the estate administration process. As technology improves, so will the options for online storage. For now, many in Pennsylvania view these tools as a supplement to traditional storage, not a replacement. That, however, may change over time, as technology gives us even more choices.

Source:, “Great Sites for Organizing Estate-Planning Documents“, Sally Abrahms, Nov. 24, 2015