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Estate Administration

Estate Administration Lawyers Assisting Clients Throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey

The loss of a loved one is a stressful and difficult event. However, the winding up of the deceased’s affairs and complying with the government’s requirements over the estate can complicate matters even further. At a time when it may seem difficult to undertake the large task of handling a decedent’s assets and debts, our attorneys are prepared to help every step of the way in the administration of the deceased’s estate.

Opening the Estate

Whether or not the deceased has a will, someone will need to be appointed by the Register of Wills to gather, inventory, report and distribute his or her assets. Our attorneys have experience working with executors and administrators to follow the steps necessary to open and eventually close an estate. Our attorneys bring a personal touch. We work closely with the executor or administrator and are available to answer any questions throughout each stage; ranging from traveling to the Register of Wills, notifying beneficiaries, and dispensing the deceased’s will. In cases with charitable bequests under the deceased’s will, we will work with the Pennsylvania Attorney General to obtain their approval to distribute the estate.

During the Estate

Our attorneys will prepare both the state Inheritance Tax Return and Federal Estate Tax Return (if required), and will take the lead in gathering information for those returns. We are experienced with filing returns to favorably suit our client’s individual needs.

Issues can arise between the administrator and the beneficiaries of the estate or between various beneficiaries. When issues arise, we act to resolve these issues out of court with the fairest result. However, sometimes no amount of mediation and informal methods can resolve an issue. When mediation is impossible, our attorneys are fully prepared to tackle any litigation.

Closing the Estate

After tax returns are filed, assets are gathered, and debts are paid, the executor must still close the estate and distribute to the beneficiaries. Our attorneys will finalize any distributions, create records of them, and create agreements with the beneficiaries to complete all distributions. We will prepare full and detailed accountings of the estate when they are required. These accountings can be used for both out of court settlement purposes or for documentation in the Orphans Court in Pennsylvania or Surrogate Court in New Jersey to get the approval of a judge.

Our attorneys will assist you to close the estate as efficiently as possible, while helping to prevent future disputes.

Throughout this process, our attorneys brings years of experience and helpfulness to estate administration. We can assist in navigating the various issues which will no doubt arise during administration.

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While planning for the future is easy to put off, it is essential to take the appropriate steps now to manage and preserve your wealth today and for future generations. Our team of attorneys have extensive knowledge in estate planning, business and tax matters to help you create plans that meet your personal and business needs.

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