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Minimize delays and avoid pitfalls with construction consulting

11/15/2014 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

From the planning phase to contract disputes to employment issues, costly obstacles can arise at any point in the construction process. No matter what your role is in the project, it is crucial that you have sound legal counsel to help keep costs down, protect against liability and resolve disputes.

Time is of the essence in construction, and delays cost money. At Kaplin Stewart, we understand the dynamics of the business and how to help clients make smart decisions so that their projects are completed effectively and efficiently.

Everyone in the business knows, or should know, that a wide array of problems can be avoided with good contracts. Some standard contracts can be effective, but other situations require custom drafting. Attorneys at Kaplin Stewart pay attention to the details and draft contracts that meet clients’ specific needs.

While in a perfect world, every construction project would glide smoothly along until completion, the reality is that disputes happen, sometimes even when a solid contract is in place. Resolving disputes out of court is generally preferable, and a skilled lawyer can negotiate or mediate a resolution. In other cases, it may be necessary to go to court and litigate. Kaplin Stewart represents clients in public and private project litigation.

If you have concerns over mechanic’s or construction liens, OSHA inspections, delay claims, change orders, labor issues, I-9 requirements, prompt payment, insurance or surety bonds, then a legal professional who knows the construction business can offer advice and help guide you in the right direction.

Earlier this year, we discussed our approach to consulting in our post, “Construction consulting: Protecting the beauty of the business.”