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Construction consulting: Protecting the beauty of the business

9/13/2014 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

On one level, the beautiful thing about construction is the heavy lifting — the re-shaping and placement of materials and the careful planning of a new or refurbished structure. Another beautiful aspect of the business is the potential for profit. Making money is exciting, and a successful construction project can be extremely fulfilling. On yet another level — the not-so-positive level — there are the risks, the potential liabilities at every turn. So who protects you, as a businessperson in construction, from liabilities?

At Kaplin Stewart, we guard the interests of a wide variety clients involved in the construction industry. We make sure that all of the legal bases are covered to ensure that unwanted surprises and pitfalls don’t threaten the success of a project. And we understand that construction consulting is not only about the law; it’s about communicating with people.

When you walk onto a construction site, it becomes obvious that many parties and interests are represented. You’ll also see an array of phenomena that, if not addressed properly and within compliance of the law, could turn into a string of liabilities. A legal consulting team with experience in the construction industry can help preclude problems with OSHA, insurance, employment and any contractual obligations associated with the project.

Kaplin Stewart handles not only private business concerns across the country, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania; our attorneys also advise public entities with regard to construction projects. You can learn more about our approach to construction law at our consulting practice overview.