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Does Your Lawyer Make You Crazy?

11/5/2015 | Commercial Litigation Blog

Does your lawyer make you crazy?

Commercial litigation is never “fun”, but it doesn’t have to feel like torture every single time.

Does he or she use overnight delivery to send letters between floors of a single office building?  Does he or she fax *and* mail everything (and charge for both)?  I’ve seen all that and worse.

Is your lawyer always “in court” when you call?  Even on Friday afternoons?

And when your lawyer does call back, do you feel like he’s speaking Lithuanian?  (I can say that; I’m of Lithuanian descent).

I could fill up the entire internet with stories like those, but what’s the point?  I have a better answer.

We don’t do things like that here.  We are smart, efficient commercial litigators, and our rates are, I think, more than reasonable.  We handle all kinds of commercial litigation, including business disputes, real estate disputes, land development matters, and construction defect cases. 

If you are a creditor and someone who owes you a lot of money just filed for bankruptcy, we can help you there, too.  We might not be able to get you a full recovery, but at the very least, you’ll know that up front, so that you can plan accordingly.

We handle matters throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in both state and federal courts.

Call me to find out more.  I answer my own phone, I speak in plain English, and I don’t spend your money like a drunken sailor.  In fact, I don’t even drink when *I’m* paying.

Bill Levant