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Easing estate administration for military families

6/10/2016 | Kaplin Stewart Blog

Members of the armed services sometimes have unique needs when it comes to planning for their estates. This is especially true for young Pennsylvania families, where the financial stability of the entire family unit often rests on the income of the servicemember. This means that protections should be put into place to provide for the family in the event of the death of the breadwinner and to ease the estate administration process.

Life insurance is a must for military families. A variety of policies are available, making it easy for families to find the level of coverage that meets their specific set of needs. Active-duty members are eligible for special term life insurance policies that are offered at a lower cost than other options.

Individuals who will qualify for a military pension must also make a decision about whether to have a portion of that benefit paid to their spouse after the death of the servicemember. This can be a complicated decision, and it should be made only after considering the full range of options. Working with a financial planner can help make it easier to decide on a course of action.

Above all else, military families can make estate administration easier by keeping all of the necessary paperwork in good order. Knowing where to find these documents in a timely manner can make a world of difference to loved ones. In many ways, estate planning is an act of love and a way to ensure that loved ones are cared for even after one is gone. These tips are just some of the ways that Pennsylvania families can work toward that goal.

Source:, “Estate Planning for Military Families“, Kimberly Lankford, May 27, 2016