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Bidding for government construction contracts

10/1/2015 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

One of the types of contracts a construction company will sometimes try to secure is a government contract. There are a wide range of different building projects that federal and local governments award contracts for.

The process of awarding a government construction contract can be remarkably complex. Generally, bid processes are used for the awarding of such contracts. 

It is not uncommon for construction company owners to feel a fair amount of apprehension when in a bidding process for a government contract. Given how large such contracts can be, a lot can be at stake during the bidding process. A construction company owner may be worried about making mistakes during the bidding process that could endanger their ability to win the bid or create legal problems for their company. Given the complexity of the government construction contract bidding process, there are multiple pitfalls a company could fall prey to without the right guidance.

Our firm understands the major impacts mistakes made during the bidding process can have and can provide construction companies with advice aimed at helping them avoid such mistakes. We have considerable experience in public construction project matters and are very knowledgeable of the specifics of the process of bidding for government construction contracts. We can provide construction companies with information on the bidding process. We can also assist such companies with drafting bid proposals. Additionally, if a company does end up winning the bid for a government contract, we can assist them with legal matters that arise from the bid win.