Environmental Law

Are you concerned about an environmental issue that is affecting your business? Environmental law is a complex system of statutes, common law, regulations and policies seeking to protect the environment for the good of everyone. Because of governmental enforcement of land development restrictions, environmental regulations and reporting requirements, assistance from an experienced environmental law attorney is essential.

At Kaplin Stewart, our lawyers can advise you about compliance with environmental regulations. We know the local, state and federal laws that apply in any purchase, sale or development of real estate. We know about the approvals you will require, the officials you will need to consult and the permits you will need to obtain to move your project forward.

Today, almost every project faces environmental issues. Our depth of experience has given us an understanding of the scientific and technical issues that are central to environmental law. Working closely with environmental consultants allows us to provide you with accurate and practical advice and representation in any environmental law matter.

Our attorneys have counseled clients on a wide range of matters that involve environmental law, including:

  • Purchase of contaminated real estate
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments
  • Satisfaction of the “all appropriate inquiry”
  • Environmental indemnification provisions
  • Buyer-sellers agreements associated with the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program and Storage Tank Program
  • Issues pertaining to environmentally impacted property
  • Liability protection under the Pennsylvania Act 2 Program
  • Environmental covenants
  • Issues pertaining to physical damage to property caused by spill or release from an off-site source
  • Applications, including storm water, wastewater, wetland, encroachment and mitigation permits and approvals from the PA Department of Environmental Protection
  • Obtaining clearances for endangered species or flora that may be impacted
  • Applications for permits and approvals with the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Obtaining floodplain map revisions from FEMA and approvals of uses in floodplains from municipalities
  • Assessment of penalties/fines administered by the PA Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency
  • Appeals before the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board
  • Issues pertaining to CERCLA, HSCA and brownfield sites
  • Bona fide prospective purchaser agreements — purchase and redevelopment of NPL sites

If disputes regarding environmental issues cannot be resolved, we are your vigorous advocates, litigating matters such as permit denials, permit challenges and groundwater issues. We often appear for clients before environmental hearing boards in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and in state and federal courts, including appellate courts, throughout the region.

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