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Building Codes

Land Use and Zoning Attorneys Advise New Jersey and Pennsylvania Clients With Building Code Matters

At Kaplin Stewart, our commitment to your project continues well beyond the procurement of zoning relief or approval of the land development application. We have experienced attorneys who understand the complex set of post-approval issues that must be resolved before you can put a shovel in the ground, and we are committed to assisting you in every step of the construction process. Trust that a land use and zoning lawyer from our firm will resolve your matters quickly and effectively. 

The adoption of the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act in 1999 established a uniform construction code to be adopted and enforced by all Pennsylvania municipalities. While the Act created a process under which the code is to be administered and enforced, local modifications to uniform building codes, and multi-level municipal review processes can nevertheless wreak havoc on construction timelines.

Our team of attorneys regularly assist clients in their efforts to secure building permits, variances from construction requirements, and procurement of certificates of occupancy. We have lawyers with decades of experience in architecture and engineering who understand the unique complexities of the building permit approval process. These professionals know how to navigate applicable building codes and will act as an advocate on your behalf before municipal code officials, Boards of Code Appeals and the State Accessibility Review Board.

Advocating for Clients Before State and Municipal Boards

The attorneys in our Land Use, Zoning, and Development practice work directly with our clients and their design professionals and contractors to challenge municipal decisions regarding code compliance and negotiate the release of building permits. Where strict adherence to construction codes is not possible, we represent clients before municipal Boards of Code Appeals and the State Accessibility Review Board, to seek the variances necessary to allow construction to proceed. We frequently represent clients during the completion stage of a construction project, working hand-in-hand with the project team and municipal code officials to secure clean inspections and procure issuance of all-important certificates of occupancy.

Although we pride ourselves on our ability to work through building code items with municipal officials with an eye toward occupancy, when the occasion arises where agreement is not possible, our team of veteran attorneys is well-versed in development rights and ready to take the steps necessary to seek redress through the courts when needed.

We are tough and effective litigators who are committed to getting you from an approved project to a constructed and occupied facility.

Contact a Land Use and Zoning Lawyer from Our Firm for Help with Your Building Code Matter

Whether you need guidance in navigating complicated building code provisions or need a land use and zoning lawyer who knows how to advocate for your interests before a municipal Board of Code Appeals or the State Accessibility Review Board, our land use and zoning attorneys can provide the legal representation you are looking for. We have years of collective experience helping clients in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region and beyond in complex land use matters. Clients come to us from Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County and more. 

Learn how our attorneys can help you advance your business objectives. We encourage you to schedule a consultation today. We service businesses and other entities with offices in Philadelphia and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania as well as Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Contact us online or by phone at 610-260-6000 today to arrange a consultation.