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Work with lawyer to improve outcome of real estate transactions

1/15/2016 | Real Estate Blog

The process of purchasing real estate is generally complex and full of potential pitfalls. The failure to address every element correctly could result in problems down the line or a complete failure of the transaction. Either of these results could be devastating.

There are many matters that need to be addressed in a real estate transaction. These include letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, title and survey review and analysis and financing. In addition, attention should be paid to compliance and due diligence in relation to environmental and zoning issues.

The circumstances surrounding every real estate deal vary depending on the property involved. While some transactions may go relatively smoothly, in other situations a transaction could face multiple roadblocks. This can lead to great expense to both the buyer and seller.

Great expense could also accrue later in the process. When matters are not appropriately addressed in the course of the real estate transaction, it is possible a party could find it is later involved in a dispute. Regardless of when an issue with a real estate transaction arises, it should be addressed promptly.

To prevent issues from occurring, all parties to a commercial real estate transaction should work with a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the relevant laws. In addition, that person should be able to identify potential issues that might arise, and then be able to think creatively to find a solution.

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