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UPDATE: PA House Passes Transportation Bill

11/20/2013 | Construction Blog

We reported yesterday that the Pennsylvania House failed to pass Governor Corbett’s proposed transportation legislation. In what can only be described as a surprisingly quick turn of events, the House voted on largely the same bill on Tuesday evening and passed it. The vote was 104-95.

The legislation will now go to conference between the two houses, but this process is seen by most observers to be one that will happen quickly. The competing Senate bill – which was passed before the House version – is not significantly different from what the House passed last evening.

The legislation will infuse $1.3 billion in spending to state roads and bridges projects, $480 million to $495 million into public transportation, and the rest into the turnpike and local governmental road maintenance projects. The bill is paid for by removing a cap on the oil company franchise tax paid by fuel distributors and an increase in the prevailing wage threshold for public projects from $25,000 to $100,000. Many expect the increased tax on fuel distributors to be passed along to consumers at the pump.

It is anticipated that the bill will reach Governor Corbett’s desk this week and that he will sign it.