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Settled dispute leads to more PA game lands

8/2/2016 | Real Estate Blog

Pennsylvania State Game Lands 97 may be seeing a significant increase in acreage soon. The area, which is located in Bedford County, is set to expand by 104 acres through a recently negotiated agreement, to the tune of $235,000.

This expansion of the Game Lands will resolve a long-standing dispute involving an access road that crosses part of the land which is being acquired. The Pennsylvania Gaming Commission has agreed to purchase the contested tract of land, which is adjacent to State game Lands 97, from a private estate. The estate has, in turn, agreed to shoulder the burden of the 2016 property taxes without proration, as well as all the taxes associated with the transfer.

The transfer will allow the public and the Game commission undisputed use of all portions of the access road, which provides valuable access to portions of State Game Lands 97 which are quite remote and difficult to reach otherwise. For the Southcentral Region Gaming Commission, resolving this access issue for hunters and gamesmen throughout the region has been a top issue which they are glad to see working out equitably on all sides. The habitat and understory is comprised of comprised of rich and diverse vegetation, including dry oak-heath, blueberry and oak seedlings, flowering dogwood and witch-hazel.

Private property rights can become complicated and frustrating for everyone involved when they are in conflict with public or government use. For those who wish to protect their property rights, the assistance of a qualified attorney can ensure their property is respected.