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Roadblocks from planning division not unheard of

8/28/2015 | Real Estate Blog

As a developer, you may have a great idea for a project in Philadelphia. Maybe you are envisioning a new condominium or a great mixed-use space. However, as any developer knows, going from a permit to actual occupancy involves a lot of work. Of the governmental players you will need to work with, the Development Planning Division of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission is a department you will no doubt become very familiar with as you navigate the waters of making your vision a reality. 

The Development Planning Division is in charge of reviewing all site plans for any new development in the city of Philadelphia. The division looks at a number of aspects of a plan, including the compliance of all necessary codes and plans for how vehicles and pedestrians will navigate with this development in place.

With this involvement, know that it is not unheard of for zoning boards and other divisions tied to planning to create some roadblocks for a developer. However, it does not need to be this way.

By sitting down and talking through the development plan with an attorney, this attorney can anticipate the needs and concerns the division may have. Additionally, if issues do arise, this same attorney can work to find a solution that is compliant, yet keeps the best interests of the developer in mind.

The thing is though; developers do not need to wait until troubles arise. Rather, the advice is to seek out guidance early in the process — even before an official plan is created. Taking this step early on can end up saving a developer from an unnecessary headache.