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Residential developer receives zoning variance for project

1/29/2016 | Real Estate Blog

In an earlier post we wrote about the zoning laws in Philadelphia. These laws, which govern a variety of matters, are a part of the Philadelphia Zoning Code. When the developer of a property seeks to do something prohibited by the code, a variance may be sought. The Philadelphia Planning Commission recently approved a variance for a residential development in Point Breeze.

The now vacant 0.88-acre site, on which the residential development is set to be located, is currently zoned for industrial commercial mixed use. Situated in an area that is home to both a commercial corridor as well as residential areas, a group of Point Breeze residents took issue with the project.

Rather than residential, they sought to have the property be home to a business development such as a grocery store. The group asserted a commercial development would create jobs rather her than raise housing prices. The dispute between the various groups involved dates back to the initial project proposal, in 2013.

The current version of the project involves two detached buildings, comprised of 23 residential units. Those units, which are each three-stories tall, will have a roof deck. In addition, each until will come with parking and individual bike racks.

Had the neighborhood group succeeded in its opposition of the variance it is possible the development would not be able to go forward. Because the stakes in situations such as this one are so high, it is vital that developers have a real estate lawyer on their side.