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Real Estate Agents Expect Big Boost In Spring Sales

1/11/2013 | Real Estate Blog

Real estate sales have given agents a run for their money in the last couple years, in Philadelphia and many other markets across the nation. Fortunately, the situation is predicted to be on the verge of a change for the better in the upcoming spring market.

Some agents reported that their fall market was the best since 2007, with increases up by 35 percent in sales volume. Others report sale increases to have been an average of 12 to 18 percent. However you slice it, though, things seem to be improving as the market gets moving again.

It is understandable, some analysts say, as there is likely to be a number of potential buyers out there who either couldn’t buy a house or didn’t want to buy a house over the last five or six years, when the economy was so difficult on many people.

Those looking at purchasing a home should consider well the possibility of hiring an attorney before striking any deals. Real estate agents are licensed by the state to represent a person for the sale, purchase or lease of real property. They are governed by the general principles of agency law, and have a duty of loyalty, diligence, confidentiality, disclosure, obedience, accounting and reasonable care toward their clients.

Even when the fiduciary relationship between agents and their clients is played out well, buyers may not be getting all the advice they need to make a legally smart decision. For that, a real estate attorney is the best resource.

Source: CBS Philly, “Real Estate Agents Expect Big Boosts In Spring Sales,” January 8, 2012