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Proposed Philadelphia development will update rail yard

11/26/2013 | Real Estate Blog

Large development projects can often present many challenges. However, once a project is completed, it is often a boon to the local area. One such development project is being considered in Philadelphia right now for the 30th Street Station. While it is only in the proposal stage right now, the project has the potential to improve car and pedestrian access to the area as well as add more commercial space.

Amtrak, Brandywine Realty Trust and Drexel University are overseeing the project, with some involvement from other local organizations that will be directly impacted. The area surrounding the 30th Street Station is part of the current Amtrak and SEPTA rail routes, which includes a service rail yard. Graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design came up with a plan for the development, which includes the addition of traffic and pedestrian bridges.

The concept is to make the cultural centers on Ben Franklin Parkway more accessible from University City. One Penn professor stated that there are several good examples of developments in our city and elsewhere that can serve as models for this project. He believes that projects like this are necessary to move Philadelphia into the future.

Development projects like this can be massive undertakings with many phases between proposal and completion. The organizations leading the project may have to deal with a multitude of issues that include permitting, zoning and regulatory compliance. It may help project developers to seek the guidance of legal counsel so they know all potential obstacles they could face and how to avoid them.

Source: Penn Current, Penn architect gives insight on redeveloping 30th Street rail lines, Jeanne Leong, Nov. 21, 2013