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Power company pushes back plans to build gas-fired power plant

10/20/2012 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

Last Thursday, the Electric Power Generation Association, which has planned to build a number of natural gas-fired power plants throughout the state, announced that a plant proposed for Lawrence County may in fact not be built at all, at least not in the next year. The plant, for which New Jersey-based LS Power gained approval earlier this week, had been set to join gas-fired plant proposals in Westmoreland and Washington counties, as well as one for Bradford County and two others across the state.

The company is attempted to take advantage of rich natural gas resources from Appalachian shale drilling. At present, electric prices are low, making that market more competitive. In addition, state mandates for future power generation from renewable sources-including solar, wind and hydroelectric-further limit the market for new gas plants.

LS Power, which is new to Western Pennsylvania, may open the plant by 2016 or 2017, pending state environmental permits. The project is a welcome one in the eyes of township and county officials. That may, in part, be because LS Power has not asked for tax breaks but will pay roughly $500,000 annually in local school taxes. Visibility of the plant and its emissions are expected to be relatively low.

That said, nitrogen oxides are associated with gas-fired plants, meaning there will definitely be an environmental impact, though less than a coal plant.

Environmental issues affect many businesses, and can be confusing to deal with. Managing these concerns is much easier with the help of an experienced attorney.

Source:, “Natural gas power plant planned for Lawrence County,” Timothy Puko, October 11, 2012