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Pennsylvania Bill Aiming to Close Labor Law Loophole Moving to the Senate Floor?

9/15/2015 | Construction Blog

We have continued to follow legislation put forth in the Pennsylvania legislature that seeks to close a loophole in the criminal code that provides exemptions for stalking, harassing, and threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction if it is done during a labor dispute. The newest version, Pennsylvania House Bill 874, has passed out of the House and been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 9-4 vote. It now seems primed to come to the Senate floor for a full vote.

The prior version of this legislation was House Bill 1154. It has been under consideration since Governor Corbett was in office, but a bill which could be agreed upon between the two houses in the legislature could never be reached. It seems that the parties have now reached relative agreement on the language to be used and that its chances of passing are improved.

Sources in Harrisburg say that the Senators will have a difficult time voting know on what appears to most as common sense improvement to the law. Governor Wolf’s office has quietly indicated he will sign it if it comes before him. We will continue to follow the legislation and provide updates.