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New businesses and commercial real estate transactions

2/6/2015 | Real Estate Blog

There are many different things the process of getting a new business off the ground can involve. For some businesses, this process includes purchasing a piece of commercial real estate to serve as the business’ location.

Getting things right at a business’ start can be very important, as what happens as a business is first starting can set the financial tone for the business and can influence its overall likelihood of future success. Thus, it is understandable that a person who is starting a new business could get a little nervous when going through a commercial real estate transaction for their business.

Commercial real estate deals can be very complex transactions in which each individual detail can have some fairly large potential implications. Thus, when working to purchase a piece of property for a new business, a business owner may want to get an attorney to help them with the transaction.

Commercial real estate purchases are among the legal matters our firm can assist entrepreneurs with. Our firm opts for a detail-focused, hands-on and practical approach when it comes to the legal services we provide our clients in relation such transactions. We can provide entrepreneurs who are getting new businesses off the ground with guidance throughout such real estate transactions to help them try to reach a resolution for their transaction that works well for their new business. To learn more about our approach to representing clients in commercial real estate transactions, see our page on purchase and sale transactions.