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Neighbor input and real estate developments

11/9/2015 | Real Estate Blog

When a developer seeks to put a development plan into place there are many issues that could arise. Depending on the project, these could include problems with purchasing property, securing funding and working with architects and engineers to create a design. In addition, in some cases it could entail working through disputes with the community regarding the project. The developer of a residential high-rise planned for a site in the Rittenhouse Square area is dealing with this very thing.

Its initial design for the tower was denied by the Philadelphia Historical Commission’s Architectural Committee, this past May. Neighbors in the area also took issue with that design, objecting to the gray, white and red metal panels on the rectangular 27-story tower.

As a result of the feedback received from both the commission and the neighbors, the developer met with local residents to create a new design. The revised design incorporates the historic facade of the Boyd Theater that currently occupies the site. It also boasts a facade that is mostly white painted metal and glass and 32 stories.

Though not guaranteed, it is likely that as a result of the collaboration between the interested parties, the new design will be better received than the first one. As is the case with any negotiation scenario a business engages in, it is a good idea for all parties involved to have lawyers on their side making sure the matters are addressed properly. In addition to securing approval on the front end of the deal, working with an attorney could also help to prevent legal problems later.