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Did You Know OSHA Requires You To Post Job Related Injuries and Illnesses?

2/9/2016 | Construction Blog

OSHA’s record keeping requirements include multiple rules requiring that employers post safety related information for employees to see. Companies who have been through an OSHA citation process are aware that citations often are accompanied by a demand that the alleged violation be posted by the employer in one or more conspicuous places. There is another requirement often overlooked by construction companies.

By rule, employers are required to post an OSHA 300 form listing job related injuries and illnesses for the prior year from February 1 to April 30 of the following year. The form, which can be found here, must be displayed in a common area for the allotted time frame. Businesses with 10 or fewer employees are exempt from this rule, and there are other exemptions based on the danger levels of the industry. Most construction trades, however, are bound by the requirement.


Construction companies should be aware of this rule and make every effort to comply. While OSHA might not show up at your business looking to enforce this rule specifically, it will likely be a “tack-on” violation should they be investigating another alleged violation.