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Industry executives positive about commercial real estate

5/27/2016 | Real Estate Blog

The general outlook held by executives in the commercial real estate industry is something Pennsylvanians who are involved in the market should take note of. Forbes has taken a survey of executives, and the results were mostly positive.

Forbes surveyed 201 senior-level executives from brokerages, management companies, law firms and others involved in the commercial real estate industry. Overall, the executives reported having a positive view of the state of commercial real estate. A majority of respondents reported predicting that their companies will experience deal volumes that are higher than average in 2016.

More than half of those who responded said that they view the segments in which they work as either very strong or strong, but 44 percent of the executives also said that certain segments may experience substantial declines. The respondents said they believe the current market presents a mix of opportunities and challenges, and a majority indicated the approaches they are currently using are opportunistic ones. Nearly half of the respondents indicated they believe that if a Republican wins the presidential race, it will have a net positive impact on the market, and 47 percent responded that they believe the commercial real estate market is currently going through a period of recovery.

Commercial real estate is an attractive investment for many people. Over time, it has the potential for substantial growth, driving profits for its investors. Some segments of the industry are doing well while others are more problematic. People who are interested in investing in commercial real estate may want to get help from an attorney in determining whether a particular property has some zoning or title issues that could be problematic.