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How to choose the best possible estate planning attorney

9/3/2015 | Kaplin Stewart Blog

Estate planning is an event with which many in Pennsylvania have very little experience. This means that when the need arises to find a good estate planning attorney, many people have no idea where to begin. They realize that finding the best possible match is important, but they are not sure how to attain that goal and fear having to resort to searching online and choosing from random listings.

A better approach is to begin by making a call to an attorney with whom you already have a relationship. Whether a professional who has assisted with a divorce, a civil dispute or another legal matter, attorneys tend to network with their colleagues from other areas of practice. Place a call and ask for a referral to a good estate planning attorney who has a practice in your area.

Once a short list of attorneys has been compiled, schedule a set of initial appointments. During those meetings, pay close attention to each attorney’s approach. It is important to select a professional who is willing to listen to your goals and address any concerns about the overall process. This is also the time to ask about the estimated timeline and cost of the estate planning process.

Take the time to meet with several candidates who were referred through trusted sources. Then, listen to your gut when it comes to making a choice. The professional relationship between a Pennsylvania client and his or her estate planning attorney may be brief in duration, but will have lasting ramifications.  

Source:, “Estate Planning: Choosing an attorney“, Heather Gessner, Aug. 19, 2015