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1/12/2015 | Construction Blog

In what appears to be a public private partnership agreement of large proportions, Hill International has been awarded a 4 year contract by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority for the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. The contract, worth $33.7 million, will require Hill to provide construction management services on a number of projects and inspection services in support of the Facilities Improvement Program.

Hill International, a multi-national construction management and claims services company, has been providing program management services for the Turnpike Authority since 2012. According to Hill International’s press release, the new contract aims to bring the Turnpike’s roads and facilities into better condition. Much of the infrastructure, which was built approximately 60 years ago, is in need of work. During the course of its new contract, it has 5 separate projects on which it intends to focus. These include the construction of 4 separate police stations, building a backup traffic/data management center, and rehabbing toll facilities at 23 different locations.