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Highway occupancy permit needed to get development project underway

7/22/2011 | Real Estate Blog

Getting a real estate development project from the drawing board to occupancy can be a difficult task. In addition to needing to find an adequate site and reliable contractors, a developer needs to navigate an often-confusing minefield of regulations, permits, and red tape.

Even titans of business in America are not immune to development difficulties. Wal-Mart, the retail giant, would like to build a new outlet in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. However, the mega-retailer is still awaiting approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on a highway occupancy permit before it can begin construction on its 150,000-square-foot project.

A representative of the Department of Transportation states that the department has received and approved a traffic impact study that analyzed the effects of the project on University Boulevard and Brodhead Road. The store will be located at that intersection.

Despite the approval of the traffic impact study, Wal-Mart has not formally applied for the highway occupancy permit it needs in order to complete the project.

This is the latest round Wal-Mart has had with government regulators in its attempt to build a location in Moon Township. Earlier, Wal-Mart had been involved in a legal dispute with the township over several requirements in the township’s land development plan. The dispute escalated to litigation, which was recently settled.

Even a giant company like Wal-Mart has trouble getting a development project underway. However, there are very few legal obstacles to development that cannot be overcome. The legal red tape can be frustrating, but experienced real estate development attorneys are available to help alleviate the frustration and get your project underway.

Source:, “No Date Set for Moon Walmart Construction,” Jenna Staul, 21 July 2011