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Green Parking Initiative

3/29/2015 | Construction Blog

The Green Building Certification Institute, which handles certification for the U.S. Green Building Council responsible for LEED Certification, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Parking Institute and the Green Parking Council. The goal of the cooperation agreement is to encourage sustainability in the transportation network that supports green buildings. The ultimate goal is to create and promote a Green Garage Certification program that will apply the same ideas that drive the LEED Certification process in the parking component of construction.

The certification program will include about 50 elements that, ironically, include promotion of alternative modes of transportation and discourage automobile use. Although not stated directly by those involved, it can safely be assumed that the elements involved in the evaluation process will be focused on the ultimate goal of cutting carbon emissions. It is unclear whether this will become part of the LEED Certification process or remain a separate element.