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Green construction issues can be significant

7/16/2016 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

In recent years, one of the main topics in the construction industry has been environmentally-conscious or green construction. As this is a relatively new way of building, the materials and governmental mandates change rapidly. Though this is a continuously evolving topic, there are certain main tenets that developers and builders follow.

According to recent publications, energy-efficient design is not merely predicated on the use of “green” materials. It extends beyond that to the actual creation of systems and products that are used to manufacture the materials used in construction. Builders and corporations today cannot simply view a substance used in their buildings, but need to consider other issues, such as how the products they use generate an environmental footprint over their lifecycle.

A focus on the evaluation of a manufactured product could have tremendous implications on current construction. For example, a specific product’s end-use could have a tremendous impact on environmental issues with regards to waste disposal. A host of factors contribute to this matter.

In support of sustainable design and construction, a leading government agency has laid out guidelines for developers who wish to pursue green construction. First, product performance, safety and other factors should be balanced with energy efficiency and environmental considerations. Secondly, all considerations may need to be evaluated via a systematic approach which focuses on how new or existing structures will interact with new technological advances seeking to improve energy consumption. Finally, stakeholders should be fully informed of the processes used in order to establish sustainability.

While the regulations involving green construction are constantly changing, those involved with development projects typically seek the counsel of attorneys who are experienced in business and construction law. An attorney who is experienced in this area of law will understand the state, local and national regulations involved in green construction. Furthermore, attorneys in this field will be in the best position to discuss the most recent developments which apply to environmentally-conscious construction.