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An easement could force a landowner into an unwelcome situation

7/15/2016 | Real Estate Blog

There are some instances when individuals may need to gain the right to enter someone else’s property. In legal terms, easement is the right by one party to enter and access another person’s property for a specific purpose. Because of such an easement, depending on the circumstances, a person may be able to use property not belonging to them, or someone else may come upon someone’s property and they would have no legal recourse to remove them. Across Pennsylvania, and elsewhere in the country, many people are forcing conservation and other easement rights that may adversely affect property owners.

An easement which exists in order to provide access and utilities across an adjacent property via a driveway is generally a simple matter. Those owning the property generally feel that it is improved by greater access to utilities. However, at times, the access may cause unsightly or unwanted access points, which, in turn, could lead to disputes between property owners.

Typically, easements are created by some type of written document such as a will or contract. The creation of an easement requires the same formalities as the transfer or creation of other interests in land. However, neighbors will many times overstep these bounds, and issues generally arise when this occurs.

When people in Pennsylvania are faced with easement disputes, it could be beneficial to contact attorneys who are experienced in business law. Attorneys in this field are well-versed in both state and local regulations pertaining to easement issues and land use. Additionally, business law attorneys will be able to guide clients in a way that will help ensure their property is being treated in the best possible manner.