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Cuts To Construction Budgets Of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs Could Be On The Way

8/26/2013 | Construction Blog

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation that would fund Department of Defense construction at $9.95 billion and Department of Veterans’ Affairs major construction programs at $342 million in 2014. While these amounts are no doubt sizeable, they represent decreases in both budgets.

The cut in the Defense Department’s budget results in 6% less to spend on construction. Interestingly, the budget is not evenly allocated. The Army has received the largest cut, losing 35% of its budget when compared to the previous year. The Air Force’s budget was cut considerably less.



The Department of Veterans’ Affairs major construction budget is down 36% as between 2013 and 2014. The minor construction project program at the VA is getting a bump of 18% though.

Overall, cuts to military programs are showing up in part as decreased funding for construction for these departments. It’s seems likely that the decrease in funding for projects in these departments will continue into the foreseeable future given current economic conditions for the federal government.