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Construction projects: how an accomplished law firm can help

8/22/2014 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

The United States wasn’t built in a day, with that being especially true of its major cities.

In fact, anyone familiar with the Philadelphia metropolitan area can readily see that the towering buildings, mammoth business enterprises, municipal offices, schools and other construction outcomes that materially mark the area were products of both significant time and effort. The same is of course true in all other urban centers across the country.

The construction industry has been intimately tied to the growth of the United States from its inception, with the country’s steady and inexorable expansion being closely marked in turn with evolving commercial law principles and processes.

Today, law firms commanding strong knowledge of the construction industry and its practices play a necessarily central role in entities seeking to get things done, whether that relates to private or public projects or to business endeavors big or small.

Indeed, what can be — and often is — involved in a construction project is simply staggering in its dimensions. A project’s parameters — its size, purpose, funding, requisite approvals, timing considerations and a host of other factors — must be closely considered. Bidding is often a core consideration. Contracts pertaining to myriad matters must be negotiated and tightly drafted. Public hearings are sometimes required. Lenders, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and legions of other participants are often involved.

And, of course, things can sometimes go wrong, leading to mediation, arbitration or litigation in the courts.

A long-tenured and deeply experienced construction law firm can be vital to the creation and success of a business project, especially when the lawyers in such a firm command strong business backgrounds themselves.

At Kaplin Stewart, we take great pride in providing important legal assistance to business principals that helps ensure successful business projects across the country. Readers can obtain relevant information about our firm and lawyers by visiting us online at our Pennsylvania and New Jersey Construction Law page. We welcome your scrutiny.