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When a commercial tenant is facing a dispute with their landlord

5/15/2015 | Real Estate Blog

Many businesses here in Pennsylvania rent the space that they operate out of. Special legal issues and needs can arise for such businesses.

One type of legal issue that can arise for businesses that are leasing the location they operate out of are legal disputes with their landlord. Disputes between commercial tenants and landlords can be centered on a wide range of different things. Some examples of things such disputes can sometimes arise in connection to include: terms of the lease agreement, repair/maintenance and defects.  

What ends up happening in a dispute that a business that is a commercial tenant has with its landlord can have major impacts on both the business’ present situation and its future. Thus, a business owner can feel a great deal of worry when their business is involved in such a dispute, and they may wonder what they can do in regards to the dispute.

Now, an important thing to note is that the options a commercial tenant has for dealing with a dispute with a landlord can be quite different from the options a residential tenant would have in connection to a tenant-landlord dispute. This is because there are differences between commercial landlord-tenant law and residential landlord-tenant law. For example, there are often more legal protections in place for residential tenants than there are for commercial tenants. Thus, when trying to figure out how to respond to a dispute with a landlord, a commercial tenant may find it beneficial to seek out the advice of a real estate law attorney who is knowledgeable in regards to the specifics of commercial tenant-landlord law.

If you would like information on the kinds of services that our law firm can provide to commercial tenants who are facing landlord-tenant issues, please pay a visit to the commercial tenants’ rights page of our website.