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City Planning Commission completes plans for three more districts

1/17/2013 | Real Estate Blog

As our readers know, the city has updated its zoning code and is now working to develop 18 district-level plans. So far, three of the 18 district plans are now complete. The whole plan is expected to come to completion in 2035.

Last week, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission announced the completion of its plans for the Lower South, West Park and Lower Northeast sections of the city, as part of the continuing unfolding of its citywide development plan adopted in June 2011.

The Planning Commission has reportedly applied for a federal grant in order to extend the Broad Street Line, for the Lower South District, near the Navy Yard. In the West Park area, new ordinances have been introduced into the city council to make future development less unpredictable. The Central District and University City South district plans are to be completed by March. Plans for Central Northeast and Lower North will be implementing beginning in Spring 2013. In the Central District, plans are to be focused on the business district, culture and tourism, transportation, and improving its neighborhoods.

As part of the plan, about $6 million is to be invested in commercial corridor façade improvement and construction projects, which are to cost a total of $3 billion. Roughly 4,000 new trees are also going to be added in order to contribute to Philadelphia’s goal of becoming more green and clean. In addition, the city

We’ll keep our readers updated on developments in the implementation of district-level plans.

Source: CBS Philly, “City Planning Commission Completes Plans For 3 Sections on Philadelphia,” January 11, 2012