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Chestnut Hill community debates rezoning proposals for lot

11/17/2011 | Real Estate Blog

Following on the closing of the Magarity Ford dealership, Bowman Properties has proposed new zoning plans to make way for a high-end supermarket in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood. Bowman reportedly introduced legislation before the City Council in last October which would extend the commercial designation of the lot beyond what it formerly was, allow exemptions to the code for mixed-use buildings, and change the direction of a traffic lane bordering the lot.

But neighbors of the former dealership are not so keen on the Bowman development plans, and fear that a failed supermarket might be sold to another company and make way for unwelcome changes within the historic neighborhood.

Among those concerned about the Bowman plans is the group Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee. At a November 15 Planning Commission meeting, the group expressed its concern that the proposed rezoning would allow the building to be 50-feet tall and five stories. The committee initially recommended that the proposal be reduced to four stories, but that number has since been increased to six.

Because of the opposition to Bowman’s plans, the proposal has been tabled for 30 days in order to give the committee more time to work with Bowman on the matter.

In December, there will be continued meetings and recommendations on the matter. While it isn’t clear at this point what exactly will come out of the Bowman proposal, it is clear that the Chestnut Hill community is not sitting back idly on the issue.

Source: Chestnut Hill Patch, “CHCA Gets More Time to Consider Bowman Proposal,” Kaitlyn Foti, November 16, 2011.