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What actions require a zoning permit in Philadelphia?

12/4/2014 | Real Estate Blog

Generally, a property owner cannot simply do whatever they want with their property. This is because there are regulations in place regarding property use. In Philadelphia, one of the sources of such regulations is the Philadelphia Zoning Code.

Among the things that the Philadelphia Zoning Code does is require property owners to get a zoning permit in order to do certain things on their property. Today, we will go over some of the things that require a zoning permit in Philadelphia. 

Often, the creation of new things on a property requires a zoning permit. Building new structures on a property, building fences over a certain height on a property and constructing off-street parking on a property are some of the creation-based actions that a property owner needs such a permit to perform. 

As building things on a property can require a zoning permit, so too can tearing them down. Both partially demolishing a structure and completely demolishing a structure require zoning permits.

Making alterations to structures on a property can also require a zoning permit. Some alterations that a property owner needs a zoning permit to do are: having an extension constructed for an existing structure and reconfiguring a parking area.

When a Philadelphia property owner is planning on performing a certain action in relation to their property, it is incredibly important for them to know if the action requires a zoning permit. Zoning law attorneys can help property owners determine if they need a zoning permit for a planned action and can assist them with the process of applying for such a permit.

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