Land Use Litigation

Our attorneys vigorously fight to protect and defend our clients’ valuable property rights. Whether it be appealing the denial of a land use permit or approval to the court, filing a civil action against a municipality or other government agency, challenging an unconstitutional statute or ordinance, enforcing an easement or covenant, or fighting an unlawful condemnation, our attorneys stand ready to take whatever action is needed.

In addition to our specialized knowledge and experience in zoning and land use law, our attorneys are experienced litigators and adept at all facets of commercial litigation, from pleadings to discovery to trial to appellate practice. Our attorneys have appeared before local county courts, state appellate courts, federal district courts and appellate courts.

Our attorneys have handled a wide range of litigation matters, including:

  • Statutory appeals
  • Actions in mandamus
  • Injunction actions
  • Declaratory judgment actions
  • Zoning challenges
  • Trespass actions
  • Civil rights actions
  • Damage actions
  • Inverse condemnation actions

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