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Real Estate Transaction Attorneys Helping Clients With Ownership Transfer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Deeds are arguably the most critical document in any real estate transfer. True, the agreement of sale and related documents are important, but the deed is the one, single document that actually transfers the legal interest in real estate from one party to another. Without a properly prepared and recorded deed, a buyer cannot be sure that they are obtaining the property they seek to acquire, free and clear of encumbrances. Each real estate transaction attorney at our firm has the knowledge and skills to assist with deed-related transactions and are ready to assist you. 

We have experience representing both buyers and sellers in all aspects of real estate purchase and sales transactions, including drafting deeds on behalf of parties sitting on either side of the proverbial table. Wherever your transaction is taking place, we can help ensure that your real estate purchase or sale is valid and that your rights are protected. Our clients come to us from throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey–including Bucks County, Philadelphia County, Delaware County. Montgomery County and Chester County. 

Experience in Handling all Types of Real Estate Deeds

Our attorneys are very familiar with the different kinds of deeds that are used for various scenarios. A real estate transaction attorney from our firm can help you identify the type of deed that is appropriate for you as a buyer or a seller, such as:

  • Special warranty deed. A deed providing a warranty to the buyer against all claims against the title to the property that arose during the period of seller’s ownership.
  • Quitclaim deed. A deed that makes no warranties about seller’s ownership or right to transfer such property.
  • General warranty deed. A deed that provides a warranty to the buyer against all claims against ownership of the property, regardless of when those claims originate.

Whether it means analyzing surveys to safeguard that the legal description attached to the deed is accurate, reviewing vesting deeds to ensure that the legal description of the real estate being sold is the same as the description the buyer-client is buying, or is the same as the legal description a seller-client owns, our attorneys and paralegals excel at providing efficient, cost-effective legal representation to buyers and sellers.

Our real estate attorneys and paralegals also have vast experience with the offices of recorders’ of deeds in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and are committed to guiding clients through the often complex and frustrating process of getting a deed properly prepared, recorded, and indexed.

Contact a Real Estate Transaction Attorney Today

Making sure that your deed is properly drafted and recorded is essential when buying or selling real estate. The attorneys at Kaplin Stewart can help you take the right steps to ensure that your real estate purchase is final and binding, and that the property you expect to purchase is the property transferred to you.

Learn how a real estate transaction attorney can help you advance your business objectives. We encourage you to schedule a consultation today. We service businesses and other entities with offices in Philadelphia and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania as well as Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Contact us online or by phone at 610-260-6000 today to arrange a consultation.