Addressing Issues Related To Government Construction Contracts

The U.S. federal government, the Pennsylvania government and local municipalities all provide a steady stream of construction contracts to a wide array of local and national businesses. However, winning those contracts, retaining them and resolving disputes concerning them calls for particular legal acumen.

At the law firm of Kaplin Stewart, we have decades of experience assisting clients with a broad spectrum of legal issues related to public construction projects. With offices in Blue Bell, Cherry Hill and Philadelphia, we are ideally equipped to address issues across the Commonwealth and beyond, providing clients with the practical counsel and vigorous advocacy they require.

From Negotiations And Bidding To Investigations And Litigation

Our lawyers represent existing and potential government contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers. Among other skills, our attorneys are adept at:

  • Explaining the bidding process and drafting proposals
  • Negotiating public contracts
  • Drafting teaming agreements
  • Establishing regulatory procurement compliance programs
  • Advocating for clients in investigations and public audits
  • Representing clients in suspension proceedings
  • Resolving litigation over government contracts
  • Preparing mandatory disclosures for government agencies
  • Defending clients against claims of fraud or negligence
  • Challenging contract awards at the General Accountability Office

Providing meticulous attention to every aspect of our clients’ construction contracts, we focus on proactively avoiding potential disputes. Protecting our clients from liability and safeguarding their financial interests is our paramount concern.

Discover How Our Resources And Knowledge Can Benefit You

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