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Estate and Trust Litigation

Estate and Trust Litigation Lawyers Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Our attorneys can handle every unique dynamic of fiduciary litigation issues. Beginning with will contests and leading into issues arising from the administration of trusts and estates, our attorneys in the Estate Planning and Litigation groups are ready to advocate for your interests.

Our attorneys represent administrators, trustees and beneficiaries in Orphans’ Court and Surrogate Court, and will advocate passionately for our clients, regardless of their relationship to the trust or estate at hand.

Our extensive knowledge of and experience with trust and estate law and litigation produces a team that is well positioned to provide you with full and complete representation. Fiduciary litigation often arises from complex and emotional family situations, and our attorney’s breadth of experience on these matters prepares us to undertake these difficult situations.

From the beginning, we will listen to your circumstances, understanding that there may be various dynamics and competing interests at hand. After our attorneys delve into the details of your case, they will explain all information to help you understand your legal options. Our goal for clients is to outfit them with any information and guidance to assure they make the optimum choice, paying special attention to family dynamics and other complicating factors.

Estate and Trust Administration Litigation

Once an estate administration begins, issues may arise between the fiduciary and the beneficiaries. A trustee may take actions with which the beneficiaries disagree. An executor may fail to provide information to beneficiaries. Our attorneys represent administrators, executors, trustees, and beneficiaries on all sides of fiduciary litigation issues. Understanding every aspect of estate and trust litigation enables us to anticipate any needs of your particular case.

Trust Modifications

Even the best-laid plans for trusts can go awry. Whether changes in tax law or family circumstances or unforeseen circumstances regarding the trust’s administration, sometimes it is in the best interests of all of the parties involved to modify the provisions of a trust. The Uniform Trust Act, adopted in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, allows some trusts to be modified. However, court approval is often preferred, or even required in these situations. The experience of our attorneys can help determine if such a modification may be available to correct an issue that has arisen with a trust. We can then frame that modification in the clearest way possible. In addition, we will present your modification to the court to work toward the goals of the trustees and beneficiaries.

Contact an Estate and Trust Litigation Attorney Today

While planning for the future is easy to put off, it is essential to take the appropriate steps now to manage and preserve your wealth today and for future generations. Our team of attorneys has extensive knowledge in estate planning, business, and tax matters to help you create plans that meet your personal and business needs.

Learn how our attorneys can help you advance your objectives. We encourage you to schedule a consultation today. We service your personal and business needs with offices in Philadelphia and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania as well as Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Contact us online or by phone at 610-260-6000 today to arrange a consultation.