Alternative Dispute Resolution

A vital component of a litigation practice is mediation and arbitration. These methods of dispute resolution are applicable to a wide range of disputes.

At Kaplin Stewart, our attorneys have embraced alternatives to traditional litigation. As a firm dedicated to helping our clients’ businesses thrive, we choose the legal strategy that is most likely to get results, minimize costs and prevent delays. Quite often, that strategy is mediation or arbitration.

Kaplin Stewart’s mediation and arbitration work cuts across all of our areas of practice. If you would like to learn more about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques for business, real estate, employment or construction, we can counsel and represent you. Our firm is known for its strong focus on mediation and arbitration related to commercial real estate and construction. We provide these services to clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Several of our lawyers are members of the American Arbitration Association and are certified mediators. We are available as independent third parties in private mediations and arbitrations. The courts also appoint our attorneys to serve as mediators or arbitrators. Whether our firm is acting on behalf of our clients or for a third party, we use our skills and commitment to alternative dispute resolution to get the best result possible.

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