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U.S. Green Building Council Releases Second LEED in Motion Report

1/27/2014 | Construction Blog

The U.S. Green Building Council has undertaken an effort to produce a series of reports to promote sustainable building and provide those in the green building industry with information and data to support the efforts of both USGBC and those that endorse the use of its standards. The second in that series of reports entitled “Places and Policies” was recently released.

usgbc-logoThe report remains slightly shrouded in mystery. While it seems on the face to be a promotional effort of sorts, it is only available to the roughly 13,000 USGBC member companies. The most recent report is said to detail the global, regional, and local growth of LEED and outline policies and mechanisms to support the concepts of LEED. Portions of the report have been “leaked” and include information about approximately 60,000 LEED projects globally spanning 10.6 billion square feet of space. Canada, India, China, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil are the other leading users of the process internationally, but no hard figures were available to show how they compare to the United States or each other.

USGBC members can download this report, as well as the first report entitled “LEED in Motion: People and Progress”, for free at the USGBC website.