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Three years later, nuns’ zoning application still on the run

12/13/2012 | Real Estate Blog

It has taken three years, but the final land development application of Medical Mission Sisters has finally been approved by the Abington Code Enforcement and Land Development Committee. The property spans parts of both Abington and Philadelphia and the sisters will be constructing 61 new apartment units.

The community of sisters will be building a four story building that will house both retired Catholic sisters as well as elderly low-income residents. The criteria for the low-income residents will be set in part by the Philadelphia Housing Authority due to its grant money being used and income limits that come with that grant.

The planning commission, impressed by a presentation given back in February of 2011 by a representative for the sisters, will now submit those plans for final approval to board of commissioners. The proposed development was first pitched to the township for zoning permissions nearly three years ago and the sisters have guaranteed that the apartments will not adversely impact the school district.

As demonstrated through this process, even a development with noble goals of helping the needy and the elderly of society can get bogged down in the red-tape of construction and zoning laws and procedures. That is why it is important to ensure that development projects are taking the correct steps to comply with local, state, and federal law prior to the first shovel breaking ground.

Should you or anyone you know be considering a development project and need advice on construction or zoning law, please contact an experienced and trustworthy attorney. They will be able to advise you on how to best proceed.

Source: Abington Patch, “Abington Code Enforcement Committee OKs Sisters’ Apartments,” Mischa Arnosky, Dec. 5, 2012