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Possible Development and Construction Opportunities in Easton?

11/5/2012 | Construction Blog

Officials in Easton, Pennsylvania recently put on a program for developers. It included a tour of the downtown area in order to showcase the city’s potential for growth and occupancy, particularly in the business district. The program was offered by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and was attended by close to 50 people.

grand-eastonian-hotel-thumb-480x359-14889Recent activity in Easton has shown growth in both the residential and commercial markets that has outpaced other areas of late. The City and other local agencies are trying to encourage more investment in the area with promises of public resources to “fill gaps”. For example, the Easton Redevelopment Authority has several properties identified that it would like to identify a developer for and offer an environmental remediation grant to build a mixed use project. It has also obtained funds from the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation to work at another site near the Grand Eastonian Hotel. Among the things the city officials hope to see built in the near future are a pharmacy, a grocery, gym, diner, dry cleaner, and some other specialty retail stores.

Only time will tell if Easton continues to grow and attract new development. Local officials are doing their part. If entrepreneurs and developers begin to have easier access to money and become more willing to take on risk again soon, there may be some projects coming on line in Easton.