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Philadelphia University’s development plan faces concerns

4/8/2015 | Real Estate Blog

Philadelphia University has developed their 30 Year Master Plan for expanding in the community. Their expansion includes dormitories, a parking garage and a sledding hill. Despite the university completing several internal studies for their expansion, they are facing criticism from the community over their design plans.

The rezoning plan in Philadelphia classified the university as a Special-Purpose Institutional Zone. This allows the university to develop for the next 30 years without having to gain community approval for any variances. However, the East Falls Community Council does need to approve of their 30 Year Master Plan before they can start any development. 

The EFCC said they will not approve the plan unless they make changes. Local community organizers want the university to add more specifics surrounding their entire development plan. Right now, the EFCC said it does not have enough specifics and it needs to address several issues before it can be approved. 

Some in the community have concerns about the potential environmental impact, pollution, traffic and encroachment on a local park. 

Until these issues are addressed, it does not appear that the university will be able to start any expansion plans. 

This case is an example of the different land and zoning issues developers or organizations need to address before they can start any projects. Land and zoning changes can significantly alter your plans, especially if the community cites concerns regarding the environmental impact or damage to the community. 

Individuals or organizations facing land and zoning issues should work with a real estate attorney to discuss their specific concerns. An attorney can explain what options are available and guide you through the process. 

Source: Newsworks, “Neighbors dissent over Philadelphia University’s 30-year development plan,” John Corrigan, April 1, 2015