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OSHA Extends Temporary Enforcement Measures in Residential Construction

11/22/2012 | Construction Blog

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration extended its temporary enforcement measures in residential construction until December 15, 2012. By offering, and now extending, priority free on-site compliance assistance, penalty reductions, extended abatement periods, and other measures to increase outreach and ensure consistency, OSHA is trying to decrease the number of fatal falls on residential sites. Falls are the number one cause of fatalities on residential construction projects.


OSHA has performed more than 2,500 site visits and held over 1,300 training sessions on fall protection since the temporary enforcement program was started in 2011. The goal is to ensure employers and employees have a complete understanding of the new regulations and safety protocols. OSHA indicated it will continue its outreach on these issue, but the temporary program will expire on December 15th.