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New to real estate? Or, did you see the defeasance on that guy?

3/31/2015 | Real Estate Blog

There are plenty of opportunities in Philadelphia for interested parties to enter the real estate market. There are individuals and companies that want to expand their existing portfolios in the city, in the state or even abroad. There are also individuals and companies that want to test the waters or to dive right in to the real estate market.

The question for many, though, is where to start? Even if they have found the perfect property, how do they negotiate a fair price? How do they make sure the city, county and state will approve the sale, and what do they have to do to get that approval? For that matter, how do they finance the purchase without over-leveraging their current holdings?

This is where we come in. The team of real estate attorneys at Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein P.C. has experience with every type of loan you can think of and some you may never have heard of. We guide our clients through the decision and application process for everything from construction and acquisition loans to commercial mortgage-backed securities loans and special purpose entity formation.

Once the financing is secured, we will guide you through the entire purchase process. At closing, we will make sure all of the details have been taken care of and that you are getting what you are paying for.

We work with sellers as well, offering the same level of service and the same level of expertise that we offer to purchasers.

Real estate and property law are driven by details. If you are investing your life savings or working with a foreign government for the first time, you need the help of experienced professionals.

Feel free to call us with questions about real estate and land use in general or your own real estate transactions. You may also use the email form on our contact page.